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Real-Life Use Cases:
How Multi-Entity Businesses
Leverage AI for Growth

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If you rely on traditional accounting methods, you might find yourself waiting until the end of the month to close your books, leaving you unaware of where your business stands. For multi-entity business owners, obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the financial performance across all locations presents a significant challenge. This is where AI-powered accounting automation can be a game-changer.

Docyt AI digitizes your back office into a centralized accounting platform to provide real-time access to financial data across all your locations. Whether you need a comprehensive portfolio overview or a breakdown by location, Docyt has you covered.

Tune in for a live discussion and Q&A session with Docyt CEO and Co-Founder Sidharth Saxena to explore the transformative potential of AI-driven bookkeeping and accounting automation. Learn how real-time financial reporting can empower multi-entity business owners to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge, featuring real-life success stories from our customers.

Session Takeaways:

  • The importance of transitioning to an automated back office with an AI-first approach
  • How multi-entity business owners can take advantage of real-time insights to make better business decisions; uncover hidden costs by identifying redundancies or inefficiencies across subsidiaries
  • Ensure efficiency and compliance by consolidating financial data from multiple entities into a centralized portfolio view.
  • Achieve centralized data control with Docyt while enhancing financial transparency throughout the business



Sidharth Saxena

Co-Founder & CEO, Docyt

Sidharth (Sid) has led User Experience Design teams at Whirlpool USA, Oracle USA, Rendewoo, VMware, and Primary Data Inc. for over two decades. His core expertise includes User Experience, Product Management, Cloud Computing, AI-ML, Heuristic Evaluation, and Information Architecture. Sid holds a Bachelor of Design from IIT Guwahati and an MS from Indiana University Bloomington.

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