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On-Demand Webinar

How to Navigate Tax Season
Like a Pro with AI

How to Navigate Tax Season Like a Pro with AI

The March 15th tax deadline is quickly approaching for small businesses. Do you find yourself missing the deadline or playing catchup? If you still rely on manual accounting processes, you probably dread this time of year. 

Join us for a 40-minute live webinar to learn how to address the many challenges associated with preparing for tax time, such as organizing documents and ensuring accuracy, staying compliant with changing tax regulations, and streamlining estimated tax calculations for timely submissions - to name a few.

Docyt AI experts Tom Porterfield, CPA, and Kori Bowling, CPA, MAcc, share their insights on using AI-powered accounting automation technology such as Docyt AI to streamline tax season. With extensive experience working with diverse clients across various industries, Tom and Kori bring expert knowledge and proven strategies for using technology and AI to solve today's accounting and bookkeeping challenges. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to avoid playing catch-up every year 
  • The top 5 must-have tips for staying accurate and organized  
  • How AI-powered accounting automation technology simplifies estimated tax calculations and ensures timely submissions

And stay until the end for our live audience Q&A.

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Tom Porterfield, CPA, CFE

Tom G. Porterfield is an entrepreneurial CPA with a remarkable 20-year tenure as President & CEO of PCO CPA, where he significantly transformed the landscape of niche markets in franchising and pharmacy services. A leader known for his growth mindset, Tom has excelled in creating service products tailored to specific industries, implementing effective sales strategies, and leading his company to a tenfold increase in sales. His expertise in connecting EBITDA to KPIs and operations, coupled with a hands-on approach in coaching both customers and team members, has made him a respected figure in the financial domain.

Kori Bowling, CPA, MAcc

Manager, Accounting Success | Docyt
Kori Bowling is passionate about helping accounting firms streamline their bookkeeping procedures and empower their staff. At Docyt, Kori collaborates closely with customers to address their unique business challenges by applying accounting best practices and AI-first automation technology.

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